What is and how to configure the RSS feed?

Probably many of the readers who have not signed the following RSS feed because it probably does not know very well to serve. The FeedBurner is a site that provides various tools to help optimize and disseminate the RSS of your site or blog. We suggest the FeedBurner as part of Google and be simple and intuitive to use.

How to use FeedBurner?

If you want to run a feed of the entire contents of your website or blog, first copy the link of your website and paste in the blank space that appears on the homepage logo of FeedBurner. Then, click Next and follow the instructions.

After being registered, you will have access to a wide range of tools that let you among many things, monitor daily the number of people who visit and read your RSS feed. For this option, go to the link MyFeeds of FeedBurner. If you click on the title of the feed will display a graph with the number of readers in the last 30 days. It also has the option available to 'See more about your subscribers' that allows you to view the type of RSS readers that your readers use, and traffic generated by them.

Optimizing the RSS Feed

Browser Friendly - You can enable this option that lets you improve the performance and display of content in RSS Feed browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari, etc..), And facilitates the entry of offering its visitors links to the readers of RSS most popular market.

SmartFeed - As the name suggests, this feature allows the easy way, that FeedBurner to automatically convert your RSS or Atom reader for your RSS feed reader that uses the default, thus ensuring maximum compatibility.

FeedFlare - This feature is very interesting, allowing the addition of links to the end of each post in your feed so that your users can send the same post by email, add it to del.icio.us, etc.. You can set up their own 'Flare', the instructions can be found in this link.

After optimization, you can put in the meter readers of your website / blog so simple and attractive.

The instantaneous and it is counting only the number of readers who visit regularly to feed. This value can vary daily, depending on the regularity of its readers.

Email Subscriptions - You can also activate this service, which lets you create a form for your readers to register to receive a daily email with new blog posts.

As you can see, the RSS feed is very interesting and allows a quick reading to their customers.