Improve Load Time Of Your Blog

Whether your blog is related to your business or its just a personnel blog we all want our visitors to stay and read our content. But if your blog takes a long time to load chances are your visitor will click the close button before they even get to see the content. That is why it is very important to optimize your blog so that it will load quickly. Now that you understand the importance of reducing your load time lets see some simple things that you can do to improve the load time of your blogs.

Removing Unnecessary Database Calls: Free Wordpress themes are coded in a general way so that it can be used by many people without a problem.The problem with this approach is there are few unnecessary database calls that can be removed. For example if you are using self hosted Wordpress and have access to the header file you can remove some unnecessary calls that get the header name, style sheet information etc and hard code the values in your header.

Optimizing Images : Definitely one of the biggest headaches for blogs , because of there high file size images usually take a while to load, so if you are using images in your blog you should optimize them as best as you can. You should be careful of the type of images you upload as well, although Bitmap type images gives you the best quality there large file size reduces load time, so PNG and JPEG formats are the best to use in your blog. Other than that you can use free image optimizing software available in the internet. Plenty of them come up with a Google Search and they all have there advantages and disadvantages. Pick the one that best suits your needs.

Using Plug-ins : Also you can use plug-ins like WP-Cache which really helps improve the load time of your blog if you are getting lots of visitors. Also after adding a plug-in its always a good idea to check the load time of your blogs because some plug-ins tend to make the blog load very slow. Of course if that plug-in is essential to your blog you have to consider other ways to improve performance.

Getting Rid of Ads : If your blog is cluttered with ads then chances are its performing slowly, instead of displaying lots of ads which the user even want see because they take a long time to load, you are a better off showing few ads to visitors that actually see your page. So reducing the number of ads in your blog can go reducing load time.