How to increase your pagerank blog?

Six ways to increase your pagerank blog

Some people use pagerank as the measure of the favorites of the blog. The high pagerank means the blog get high rank in search engine. The blog with high rank is easy to find much money. You can monetize the high rank blog with link, paid to review and advertisement.

Unfortunately, increasing page rank is not easy work. You cannot increase pagerank in one night. You should be patience to do it. Pagerank is difficult for learning especially blogger who has no IT background. I think pagerank science like investment science that is difficult to predict. We cannot predict the stock movement precisely. You should know the Google keep the algorithm formula so the people could not manipulate the pagerank.

Although no one know the pagerank tips, we can learn by doing. Make some experiment to raise pagerank. You may receive or reject other blogger suggestion. I have some tips to increase the link. Perhaps you may try.

Build a great content

This is the ultimate way to raise your pagerank. Make great content with rich keywords that is easy and friendly with Google or Yahoo. People need a great content for increasing the knowledge. They will find you as an expert of certain niche.

Original Content

I write 75 pure articles in my own language. I never duplicate other content. In, three or six month, my pagerank has risen to three. Some blogger think put free articles or copy content in

Exchange link

You can ask link to you friend, neighbor, family blog link. It is difficult to link change with unknown blogger. I have asked some blogger to link exchange but they do not respond my request. Sometime, a blog cheat me. He promised me will put my link, and then I put the link. After one month, I could not see any link to my blog. Then I delete the link to his blog.

You should exchange link with same niche blog. For example, your blog is SEO blog, so you should exchange link with SEO blog.

Comment to other blog

Comment nicely to other blog. Do not ever spam other blog because it is not polite. The quality of your comment is important to boost your traffic. Do not make simple comment that makes people uninterested.

Buy link

If you cannot exchange link, you may buy link at adbrite, text link ads, backlinks, etc. Certainly, you should provide some bucks for it. Make sure you buy at trustable place that could bring your blog to higher rank.

Write great content for other blog

Some blog offers the writer writing at their blog. Off course, you can put the link that derived to your blog.