Blogging VS Free web hosting

Blogging Or free web hosting?

This is a very interesting concept to be writing on, both blogging and web hosting have pro's an cons. I will start with the pro's for blogging

blogging advantages

* very easy to set up

* Indexed in search engines fast

* extra easy traffic trough blog network

* easy to find partners for link exchange

* well written content management system

* premade layouts to pick from

Free web hosting advantages

* Build/download your own scripts and layouts

* detailed visitor statistics (Awstats,referrerlogs/rawlogs)

* Email lists and own email like

* Looks more professional due harder to set up

* Free templates are available too you just need to know where to look

* Own banwidth control, database control.. basicly only what YOU want.

Well, blogging might be easy and all but setting up a free hosting account also has a lot of advantages, ofcourse it will be hard to get going at first. but once you find some ways to keep traffic comming It will turn out much better. from my expirience, conversion rates ( affiliate marketing, referrals ) are higher when you go for a free hosting account and even higher when you buy paid hosting, but thats not the topic here.
So do you suggest Free web hosting over blogging?

It totaly depends on what your goals are, If your goal is to entertain and inform, lets say you like to write about the movies youve seen. I would say a blog would be the best choice for you! you can set up a blog, pick a template and get started immediatly! But supose you want to promote products, other websites, special programs or even services it might be a better idea to build a free website.This is because money is involved. People tend to have less trust in blog sites just because anyone can set these up. I would trust a free website with referral links to get paid to sites more than a blog. How honest the user may be, does not really matter!

So this is my conclusion

Writing for entertainment, because you love it? blogging is your best choice!

Writing for financial gain or any sort of 'promotion' go for free web hosting!

Blogging, what I noticed

I noticed that getting found when you write a blog site seems to be far easier. You do not have to actively promote your blog for it to get visitors! I have three wordpress blogs, I never really promoted any of them and still I had about 10 000 visitors spread over these three blogs.

I also noticed that advertsing on blogs is harder then on a free web page. It might be because blogs are easy and fast to set up, and readers tend to look for specifc information written on blogs.