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Which Blog Directories Should You Submit Your Blog?

If you submit your blog to popular blog directories, you will not only add significant value to your blogging, but also get significant traffic from them. However, there are hundreds of blog directories available. It is a big challenge to find the most useful blog directories.

Bearing this in mind, I listed the top blog directories in terms of traffic and Google Pagerank. Submit your blog to these directories, and enjoy the ever increasing traffic.

* Technorati

* Blogarama

* Bloglines

* Syndic8

* Answers

* Blogdigger

* BlogExplosion

* The Truth Laid Bear

* Blogflux


* Blogz

* BlogPulse

* Yahoo! RSS Submit

* WeBlogALot

Some of these blog directories need you to insert reciprocal links on your blog. In such a case, you can publish a “Links” post on your blog, setup the date as several months before, and place the links on it. Good luck!